Quest for a Rolleiflex…

Owning a working Rolleiflex has always been a dream of mine.  I have a Yashica 365 and a Rolleicord.  The Yashica works but the Rolleicord is great for looks only.  Now I’ve never really taken photos with a TLR except for the Yashica.  I’ve been strictly a digital format  photographer.  Anyone that knows me knows I have a thing for collecting cameras.  I have been gathering vintage cameras for over 25 years now.  Wow.  That’s a long time.  I didn’t realize that it was that long until I actually wrote it.  I started collecting when I was in high school.  My mom would take me to swap meets and I would pick up one or two when I went not really knowing their value or age.  Just liked the way it looked and that it was old. Eventually I started looking for specific ones after I had gotten more into photography.  Being an architect shifted my focus on photographing buildings but I’ve always been interested in street photography, urban photography and landscape photography.  And I’ve always wanted to try taking pics with a Rolleiflex.  I’m not an intense collector that is always looking.  It’s more like it comes and goes in phases.  Last year I was on a polaroid kick.  But that’s for another blog.  I had been casually looking on Ebay and ran across a gray Rolleiflex.  Some people called it a baby Rollei.  Apparently it’s a 4×4 and was made sometime from 1957 – 1963.  There where a few models but it looks like the gray was the last of the line.  Finding a working one is the challenge.  Finding a working one that is relatively cheap is next to impossible.  I don’t know if this will be my first working Rolleiflex.  But it definitely a possibility.  I almost had one on Ebay but got out bid at the last minute.  The quest continues….


Week 2 – Landscape – traditional

Week 2 –
Here’s my landscape shot. It has been raining most of the week so the weather has been rainy and cloudy. Living in the suburbs there isn’t as many nice landscapes near me. Yesterday we decided to go up to the cabin so I could take some shots of the mountain. I took so many shots it was hard to choose. 
This is a boardwalk that use to be over Baldwin Lake in Big Bear. Its a dried up lake now. The boardwalk reminds me of those photos you see in the 50s with kids running down them. I tried to take the best angle I could. I like that it’s at an angle running off the pic. I like the clouds in this pic. The one on the left looks like a dragons face to me. It was hard for me to get the sky to be blue.

16-35mm II

ISO 160


1/500 sec

Week 1 – Selfie

To catch up on the 52 week challenge here’s week 1.

The challenge was to take a selfie of yourself.  Of course I hated this.  The whole point of taking the pictures was to not be in it!  I don’t like the way I look and pictures just seem to magnify everything I hate.  I played around with a few different ideas.  Looked at some examples other people have done.  Remember this is for artistic expression.  So here’s what I took:

Canon 5D3
canon 100mm
ISO 1600


52 Week Challenge

I got asked to be apart of a Facebook group that is doing a 52 Week Challenge.  It started the first week in January.  So far I’ve learned a lot and I’ve met a nice group of people that enjoy photography as much as I do.  I’ve learned new techniques and I’m also learning how to really use Lightroom.  I joined because I really want to give this Photography thing a shot and see what I can do with it this year.  Who knows….maybe I’ll even be able to sell a print or two because of it.

And I’m back….

I took a big break from writing for various reasons that I won’t bore you with.  I’ve been able in the mean time to update my gear.  I now have a 5Dm3, more “L” lenses, better tripod, Gitzo ballhead.  I’ve updated my logo signature.  It took several tries and many back and forth but I think I’m happy with it now. This is me, just trying to figure out this thing called “Photography“.

Softball season

Softball season has come to an end.  Here are a few shots taken over the weekend.  For more shots check out the full gallery on my website.

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New website….

Come check out my new website

It’s still a work in progress but now I have a place to park all my photos.

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