Canon 5D mark II

I spent some times last night trying to see if I could get the Canon 5D mk 2 from Canada because they are offering a $500 rebate on it over there – no such luck – at least online. may be time to hit all those relatives I have up there =)

So my big problem is trying to decide if I should get the Canon 5D mark II now or wait for the mark III.  And yes I do obsess much.  The mark 2 is a great camera and would be a step up for me but I would feel really bad if the mark 3 came out in 2 months or even 6 months with even better features (a given) and for the same price.  Why the dilemma?  I’m going on a trip and the mark 2 would be great to have.  A full frame camera with video would mean great pictures and not having to lug my video camera around.  Why does Canon have to torture me so?

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