Canon No Tax day

Last week I was at Calumet photo looking at some camera backpacks.  I overheard one of the employees over there telling another customer they are going to have a Canon No Tax day next weekend.  Of course my ears perked up and I had to find out more.  They said at the time that ALL camera bodies, lenses, and Speedlites would be sold with NO tax.  Since I’ve been going back and forth on a Canon 5D mark II I decided to put my name on one.  All weekend I’ve been back and forth on if I should get it or get the kit or not get it at all.  Well seems like they made the decision for me.   They called yesterday and said they read the flyer wrong and the NO tax is only on the Canon lenses not the camera bodies.  So I guess I go back to dreaming about the Canon 5D mark II or waiting for the Canon 5D mark III to come along.

2 Comments on “Canon No Tax day

  1. Well, if the 5DIII has better video controls and autofocus on video (I just saw a patent request from Nikon), then it would be well worth the wait! Plus, Canon has chosen to channel their sensor development toward increasing MP, so I bet the MIII will astound you in terms of MP.

    • yes the 5DIII would be worth the wait but I’m conflicted right now because it would be so cool to have a full frame for my trip. that and I am getting anxious and would just like to get a new camera.

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