Canon Days at Calumet

I got an email this morning from Calumet about their Canon Days this Friday, June 11 and Saturday, June 12.

It makes me wonder if a new Canon DSLR will be released soon with all the rebates they have been having and the rumored shortage of supplies on the Canon 50D not to mention the $500 rebate offered to Canadian buyers of the Canon 5D mark 2 (which can not be found online through the Canon Canadian store and despite some searching from friends in Canada).

So does this mean the new Canon 60D will be out?  Or the Canon EOS 1Ds mark 4?  Or maybe the Canon 5D mark 3 (the one I’m waiting for)  As usual Canon is torturing us.  How I wish we could find a “lost” prototype like the Iphone 4.

Canon Days
June 11-12 – Exclusive Offers and Free Seminars

The hottest gear on the market isn’t normally the gear that goes on sale. But Canon and Calumet are teaming up on June 11 and 12 for fantastic deals. Looking for a Rebel T2i? A Pro9000 Mark II printer? A new L-series lens? Visit us or call 1-800-CALUMET on Friday and Saturday for offers on these and more. Plus, Canon will be in every store nationwide to help you get the most out of that new gear.

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