Canon 16-35 f2.8L mk II

I have only had this lens for almost a week now.  I haven’t really had a chance to use it as there have been too many other things going on right now that have taken more time then expected so I have not been able to really go out and do much shooting lately.  The shots I have taken with this lens have been really impressive.  Even on a cropped sensor camera it is really wide.  It is amazing how much you miss when you do not realize how much the crop sensor takes away.  I can only imagine and drool on what this lens would be like on a full frame sensor camera.

What I like so far about this lens is the wide area that it takes.  Yes it is a wide angle lens and it should.  But having to deal with a cropped sensor and having the widest lens being only 24mm which on a crop is roughly a 38mm; having a 16mm that is about a 24mm seems to make a world of difference.  I’m no longer having to back up to get some shots.  I was able to take a nice group photo of my daughter’s girl scout troop and still have plenty of room on the sides without having to be so far back.  It was nice not having to tell them to scrunch together.

At 16mm everyone fit nicely with room for more.

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