Action Shots

I took a few shots yesterday of my niece’s softball game with the Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS.  It performed beautifully.  Even with a cropped sensor DSLR I was able to get some nice action shots like the one here of her sliding into home.  Even with a reduced resolution and modified for web upload you can see how the picture came out really nicely.  Keep in mind I was behind the backstop cage and was shooting through the chain link fence.  This was shot at 70mm so I wasn’t even zoomed in all the way.  Now I’m not a sports photographer and there were  a lot of nice action shots that I missed because I was too busy watching the game instead of shooting.  Which by the way amazes me.  I don’t know how sports photographers do it.  They are able to watch and track the game while still taking amazing photos.  I have new found respect for them and have learned that I should stick to landscape photography.

Back to the lens – the copy that I have seems to be really crisp, sharp and has good color rendition.  I liked how easy it was to sharpen it even just a little bit after autofocus had found it’s target.

The weight is an issue.  After holding it for a while trying to take some shots it became abundantly clear to me why many people use it on a monopod.  Next time I will have to bring my monopod with me if I’m going to be using this lens a lot.  The tracking on this lens is great and I can only imagine what it would be like on a Canon 1DS camera or even the Canon 7D with the faster burst rate.

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