Head Shots

I normally do not do portraits.  I don’t like posed shots.  I like natural spontaneous shots of people when they aren’t looking.  So when my husband came to me and said he needed a head shot for work I didn’t really think he wanted me to do it.  Especially since I haven’t done a lot of it.  But it was a last minute deal and he needed it right away.  So we went out side hoping to get a few shots in our yard that he could use.  Most of them came out fine.  There are a few that were pretty good given the speed and lack of preparation.  Maybe next time I won’t turn down a job for head shots.

I used the Canon 70-200mm f2.8L lens for this one.  I tried using the 50 f1.8 lens and didn’t like the results as much as I did with this lens.  The bokeh on the Canon 70-200mm is much better then the 50mm lens.  This is at 135mm zoom with an aperture of 4.5.  The sun was going down so the light wasn’t too harsh and the green background provided a nice contrast.

One Comment on “Head Shots

  1. Nice shooting, Carol! Remind me to book you for Tony’s next photo shoot for his photocard update. 😉

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