Capturing the possibilities, finding the moment to take the shot, sharing the stories the pictures tell with others – that is what photography is to me.

Capturing the endless possibilities….

I have always been interested in photography.  As a kid I was fascinated by my parents Canon AE-1.  Photography is a way to express what I see.  What I see through the lens is how I view the world.  I’m drawn to lines and frames probably from my architectural background but as a kid I was always drawn to landscape photography.

As an Architect, I am always looking/analyzing the natural and built world I live in.  Photography was used as a way to record ideas, document accomplishments, deliver an idea that words couldn’t accomplish.  Photography is a way to learn about the world around me and to learn about myself a little more.

This is my journey through photography and my world.  It is how I see things behind my camera and how I learn more about photography and my surroundings as I learn more about myself.


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