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Camera bag dilemma – Crumpler vs Kata

As some of you may know I have been going through a camera bag crisis.  More like a dilemma.  Lately it has become an obsession.  Trying to find the right bag that will fit everything, be comfortable, not be too big, etc….is like finding the holy grail as many photographers will know.  I thought I narrowed it down to the Kata R-103 but then I started looking at the Crumpler bags again.  I really like my Crumpler 7 million dollar bag but for day hikes and trips it’s not going to work.  So I started to look at their backpacks.  I was almost sure that the Crumpler Whickey and Cox was the one until I saw the Crumpler Italian Connection.  Now trying to figure out the different Crumpler models can be very confusing.  There are the US/Australian models and the European models.  Unfortunately for me the Italian Connection is a European model.  Unless I plan on visiting the UK any time in the near future the only way I will be able to get my hands on one of these bags is through Ebay.  Which means I will have to buy it first before testing it out.  Not really my style since I like to see things first before really buying it especially on something that is a big purchase.  Crumpler Italian Connection Backpack - Cedar/Red

So the dilemma continues.  I’m glad I didn’t just buy the Kata bag although I did like how it felt when I tried it on.  I think the Crumpler Italian Connection will work better for my needs.  I just wish I could find a retailer around here that had it.

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